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Organismus Krankenhaus nach Covid-19
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To discover the new and unexpected in every project drives us to keep on questioning until we find the surprising answers.


Vlnr: Andreas Frauscher, Siegfried Gierlinger, Beate Czegka, Heinz Ebner, Sylvia Hartl, Richard Klinger, Michael Kerbler


audacity architecture talks 2021

„Wir müssen weg vom Maschinenbild einer technikgetriebenen Klinik –
Healing Architecture ist eine nachhaltige Investition in das Gesundheitssystem“

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audacity architecture talks

Organism Hospital - The Clinic of the Future

Talk & Media discussion, October 14th 2021, 10 am, Gleis 21

What will the clinic of the future be like? A protected, sterile place which offers maximum flexibility - lessons learned from the pandemic? Or a public space, that acts as retail centre and urban development hub and promotes social interaction and well-being? Examine with us our vision of future clinics – within a panel of architecture, medicine, media, hospital management and consultancy – moderated by Michael Kerbler. The discussion will be in german!

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Architects Collective take part in Archiball 2021 - 8 matches played over 8 hours with full commitment – and arrive 8th! We would like to shout out a loud thank you to: #fcp for their great organisational work, the wonderfully warm late summer weather and the amazing atmosphere – and remember, it´s the Olympic spirit that counts! Forza!


New to the team at Architects Collective

Andrea Dürnbeck and Andreas Hajek  

Welcome to the team!



Topping out ceremony in Hamburg

The new Martini clinic celebrates topping out ceremony! In Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) the completion of the structural work for the future solitaire with clinker brick façade was celebrated with the traditional wind up of the “Richtkrone”. By 2023, health care for prostate cancer patients will expand thanks to a new seven storey building boasting 100 beds and eight operating rooms. With its 2.500 treatments annually, the clinic is recognized worldwide for its’ treatment of prostate tumour. The clinic pioneers robot-assisted systems that improve male continence, potency and life quality.

Link to Project


Yes, we BIM!

We at Architects Collective have been planning all phases of all projects with Building Information Modeling (BIM) since 2016. Buildings are geometrically and accurately modelled and all relevant data is structured in a digitally usable manner, so that planning is available as a data package in addition to drawings. BIM enables effective networked collaboration and quality in the construction process not only for major projects such as Luxembourg‘s second largest hospital, the Südspidol in Esch sur Alzette, but also for mid-sized ones such as the Martini Clinic in Hamburg. We are delighted to have successfully and comprehensively integrated this innovative tool into our architectural planning!

LINK to Südspidol


Pride Month

June is all about diversity and equality, two fundamental values shared by Architects Collective. We show solidarity with the LGBTQ community and speak out clearly against any form of discrimination based on sex, gender, sexuality, origin or age. Happy Pride!

Copyright: Torsten Erbstößer (Gassmann + Grossmann)


Children and Youth Clinic Freiburg

The first perforated sheet metal panels of the ventilated facade have been installed in the entrance area! Despite the pandemic and thanks to close collaboration in virtual space with our local partner, completion date is on track.

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New at Architects Collective!

We are happy to welcome Veronika Koller and Anna Kubiak to the team! Veronika Koller studied at the University of Innsbruck and has recently moved to Vienna. She joined the team in April. A passion for travel, sea and surfing led Veronika to Melbourne for a semester. What she likes most about Vienna is Art, and she looks forward to exploring the city on a racing bike. We think that's a great idea!

Budding architect Anna Kubiak studies at the Technical University of Vienna and has been part of the Collective since March. She loves to cycle, climb and snowboard. On her travels, Anna is inspired by the diversity of cultures and their attendant architectural response. Once again, welcome to Anna and Veronika!



The Barcode

Greetings from the roaring ‘60s!  Between 1964 and 1967 in Vienna a twenty-storey reinforced concrete staff accommodation tower was built. Now this dormitory is being converted, turning it into a modern office building that meets highest contemporary work requirements for the Vienna Health Association and the Vienna General Hospital. The Barcode pattern articulates in the façade and the redesigned forecourt. The overall atmosphere brings the subtle charm of the sixties to the 2020s.

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Healthcare Architecture quo vadis? The future Hospital

The future Hospital? For one year now we live in a pandemic, confronting social distancing and new virtual rooms. Covid-19 turned our lives upside down, as well as the hospital building industry. How is architecture answering to this game changer? How much future do we anticipate? Which one is the brave vision of a modern hospital? Open spaces of conviviality and well-being – or a sheltered space with maximum flexibility? Architects Collective is confronting these complex questions in an article: “Das Krankenhaus steht vor einer Revolution. Covid-19 und die Zukunft der Healthcare Architecture”

link to article


Congratulations …

The first prize for the new-build Großhadern Campus at the University of Munich Hospital goes to competition partners HENN (Munich, Berlin, Peking) und C.F. Møller (Aarhus, Berlin) with Sinai Landschaftsarchitekten (Berlin). Architects Collective´s master plan is a hybrid of linear and campus-type agglomeration. A main thoroughfare with a two-storey plaza, walkways, bridges, ramps and a landscaped roof create a new green campus which optimizes natural light and circulation. Plentiful access to open and green space provide the highest level of well-being for patients and staff alike.

Campus Großhadern


News at Architects Collective

Architects Collective is very happy to announce that another civil engineer is in our team: Silvia Lackner mastered her exam after months of intensive studying, countless coffees and with flying colors by the end of 2020! We are very glad and compliment Silvia on her big success! Silvia is part of the team at Architects Collective since April 2017, she mainly works with the project team for the Youth- and Children´s Clinic Freiburg. Silvia studied at the TU Vienna and the ETSAB in Barcelona, besides Architecture she is into Philosophy, Literature and Art(work). Let´s rock the house, dear Silvia!

Andreas Wohofsky joined our team in November 2020. Andreas studied Architecture at Graz University of Technology (TU) and at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. While living in Los Angeles he discovered a passion for travel in particular in the USA. Andreas also studied music at Vienna’s Jazz conservatory and plays the guitar in several bands. Furthermore, his painting is regularly exhibited. Welcome to the team!



The Patient Room

Architects Collective in the media: we are happy to announce to contribute to this excellent publication “The Patient Room. Planning, Design, Layout” (Birkhäuser) with two of our ongoing projects: Südspidol in Luxembourg (completion by 2026) and the Children’s and Youth Clinic Freiburg (2023). This comprehensive and scientifically grounded publication provides a systematic overview of the design task patient room, the smallest cell of the hospital organism, and shows exemplary solutions: both typologically and in selected case studies. Thank you!

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New Publications

Architects Collective in the media: we are happy to announce further publications about our collective and our Architecture. Thank you ARCHI-NEWS.EU, Building Times and Chris van Uffelen/BRAUN Publishing for publishing our work.


New to the team at Architects Collective

Carlotta Floreano and Carlos Vega, both aspiring architects, are new to our team at Architects Collective! Carlotta comes from Italy, she is in love with Vienna, architecture and its history. Carlos originates from the Canary Islands. He is passionate about exploring new places and discovering new approaches to architecture. Welcome to the team!


Architects Collective on Instagram:

Visit our profile for further details, news and stories of our work.

Copyright: Torsten Erbstößer (Gassmann + Grossmann)


A lighthouse for children´s healthcare

The shell of the Child and Youth clinic in Breisgau has been completed. Recently, the topping-out ceremony was celebrated and the time capsule sealed away. The etherealness of the frame is already noticeable: light ingresses from all sides, including through large circular openings in the ceilings. This impression is accentuated by a series of cantilevers and “dancing” piers which create a play of light, as well as scintillating discs on the facade of the upper floors.The architecture links the interior with the landscaped park, and possesses a relaxing village character. This creates a sensitive and thoughtful place for children and teenagers to feel well and get better in.

Kinder- und Jugendklinik Freiburg

Copyright: UKE / Axel Kirchhof


First stone laying at the Martini-Klinik in Hamburg

In September the Martini clinic in Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) celebrated the laying of its first cornerstone. By 2023, health care for prostate cancer patients will expand thanks to a new seven storey building boasting 100 beds and eight operating rooms. With its 2.500 treatments annually, the clinic is recognized worldwide for its’ treatment of prostate tumour. The clinic pioneers robot-assisted systems that improve male continence, potency and life quality.

Martini-Clinic Hamburg


New to the team at Architects Collective

Analía Larrazabal, Abdolhossein Sardari, both Architects, and Brigitte Anna Oettl, in charge for Public Relations, are new to the team at Architects Collective! Analía comes from Argentina, she loves to dance Samba, Salsa and Lindy Hop and is passionate about creating things. Abdolhossein adores Urban Planning & Development and is fascinated by the History of Architecture. Brigitte lives to write and writes to live, she is mostly in motion preferably by the sea.


Sparkling wine’s new home: Architects Collective supplies the architectural form for Austria’s most modern sparkling wine production

„You gave sparkling wine a new home!“  effuses client Norbert Szigeti as we tour Austria’s most modern sparkling wine production A-NOBIS Winery Norbert Szigeti GmbH, situated on Lake Neusiedl, in Austria’s Burgenland Region – opening this fall.

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University Hospital AKH Vienna

AC is pleased to have been commissioned to carry out the restructuring and remodelling of the nursing areas and a new bed unit for the University Hospital AKH. Together with our partner, HWP Stuttgart we will make structural changes to one of the largest hospitals in Europe in the coming years.


Building 71 – Office tower

We are pleased to have won the commission to plan and design the restructuring of the hospital’s former Housing Tower into a contemporary office building for the Vienna Health Group and the AKH Vienna.


Infinion completion of raw construction

The Villach location is building a new chip factory and is investing 1.6 billion euros for it. The complex includes a state-of-the-art clean room factory with a central supply building as well as office and warehouse buildings. The shell was recently completed. Together with HWP Stuttgart, we are responsible for the architecture and planning under the general planner CRC Clean Room Consulting.

Infineon chip factory Villach


Kinder- und Jugendklinik Freiburg

Construction work for the new children‘s and youth hospital in Freiburg Germany is in full swing. For all those who would like to take a look at the construction site, here is the link to the on-site camera:

construction site camera KJK Freiburg



Sky Space in Burgenland 

A-NOBIS is the most modern sparkling wine cellar project in Austria currently under construction at the Neusiedler Lake by Norbert and Birgit Szigeti. The construction site is in full swing and the opening is planned for this summer.

A-NOBIS Norbert Szigeti


Architects Collective @ Home

As we adjust to the current situation, Architects Collective has been operating differently since one week now. Our entire team is working from home. Team meetings and discussions are taking place virtually. We are designing, drawing and organize our projects in Vienna, Hamburg, Villach or Luxembourg (almost) as usual.

Please know that you can contact us at any time via email, phone or Skype.


New in team

Patryk, Bettina and Léa are now part of Architects Collective as well.



AC Action Camp

Pure adventure: this year's office excursion took us to the rafting camp in Palfau in the beautiful Gesäuse National Park. Whether rafting on the Salza river or canyoning in the Taglesschlucht gorge, we braved the icy temperatures and had an unforgettable experience. 

Rafting Camp Palau


A-NOBIS Norbert Szigeti

The most sparkling (wine) project in Austria, A-NOBIS by Norbert und Birgit Szigeti, is making great progress: the concrete frame and walls are under way.

A-NOBIS Norbert Szigeti

Bad Schallerbach

Residential   Healthcare


Groundbreaking ceremony

We are already celebrating the next construction site: The groundbreaking ceremony for the new Martini-Clinic in Hamburg has taken place. The seven-storey building with its striking façade made of clinker and fiber concrete slats will be completed by 2022.

Martini-Clinic Hamburg


Smart living

Overhanging balconies with niches for a maximum of privacy and contrasting colors characterize the new building in Elsbethen near Salzburg. This residential building with 15 apartments is embedded in the village structure and is situated in the immediate vicinity of the new Red Bull headquarters.

Residential building Elsbethen



New use

As part of a cooperative architecture and planning selection process with four other architectural offices, we are creating a new, attractive residential quarter in Wiener Neustadt. More than 500 residential units, a park and a kindergarten will be built by 2022 on the approx. 5 hectare area of ​​the former football stadium.

In search of a new solution, every project – from winery to hospital to hotel – deserves the same care and curiosity.


A hive of activity

Construction work for the new children‘s and youth hospital in Freiburg is in full swing. For all those who would like to take a look at the construction site, here is the link to the on-site camera:

construction site camera KJK Freiburg




Charity action

Our AC small change box was full again. Thus, we once again managed to donate a small sum to Sonne International, an Austrian development organization. The 250 euros we have collected in the last weeks will benefit the street children in the new development center in Yangon, Myanmar.

Sonne International


Infineon Austria

Execution stage and detail planning are underway for the site expansion of Infineon in Villach. The first construction works have already started and completion of the fully automated microchip factory is scheduled for 2021.

Infineon chip factory Villach


Herzblut publication

With "HERZ BLUT - 150 Approaches to Architecture in and around Austria", architektur in progress presents its latest book. Our "klimaaktiv" certified project in Bad Schallerbach is included in the publication.

architektur in progress


Congratulations to...

… the Zoboki Design & Architecture team on their winning design for the new Dél-pesti Centrumcórház (South-Pest Hospital Centre) in Budapest. The design, in which we also contributed our know-how, creates a symbiosis between the references to the urban history of the place and the functional and technical requirements of a contemporary and future-oriented specialist hospital.


Vienna Garden Residences

This study for a new residential complex in the hilly Pötzleinsdorf area of Vienna calls for 37 open plan units with generous terraces, balconies or private gardens. Each unit opens up to views of the surrounding hills and vineyards in at least two directions.




The innovative timber construction has become a model of ecological building in the Pfalz region. The video shows the prefabricated timber roof and wall panels, the pumice concrete walls and the charred wood (Shou-Sugi-Ban) façade.

Video Winery Bergdolt-Reif & Nett


Infineon Villach 

The hi-tech company Infineon is expanding its Austrian complex in Villach with a new chip factory worth 1.6 billion euros. The General Planner for the project is CRC Clean Room Consulting Freiburg. Together with HWP Stuttgart, we are responsible for the architectural planning of the 60.000 square meter cleanroom factory with a central supply building, offices, warehouses and fire station. 

Infineon Austria




Norbert Szigeti, one of Austria’s pioneers of fine sparkling wine, together with his wife Birgit found the A-NOBIS brand.  The wine cellar in Zurndorf, Burgenland, will not only be a production site, but also a unique architectural creation that is set to become a focal point along the wine route.

A-NOBIS Norbert Szigeti


Our new headquarters

We have relocated to the legendary house Portois & Fix in Ungargasse 59 - 61. The building is not only considered one of the main works of the architect Max Fabiani, but was - due to its progressive architecture - also a real scandal in 1900. Fabiani created a new building type in which the separation of commercial and residential areas was shown by different materials and constructions.

Haus Portois & Fix


Campus Zentralklinikum Lörrach

The "Healing Gardens", our entry for the Campus Zentralklinikum Lörrach competition, were inspired by a fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. By which, you can read here...

Campus Zentralklinikum Lörrach

Kinder- und Jugendklinik Freiburg




New in the team

Since the beginning of May, our interns Alex from Bucharest, Inga from Stuttgart and Sven from Wilhelmshaven have supported us in our projects. Again: Welcome!


Ozuluama Residence

Mexico City



1st Price Martini-Klinik Hamburg 

Together with HWP from Stuttgart, we were able to convince the jury of our design. The new building as part of the university hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf is to be opened in 2022.

Martini-Klinik Hamburg


Klinikum Klagenfurt - Master plan 2030

We won the negotiated procedure Klinikum Klagenfurt - Master Plan 2030 together with Ebner Hohenauer HC Consult and pdc process design consultants. In the context of this study, it was necessary to investigate spatial planning and urban development aspects and to develop a concept for necessary construction measures.


Palais Chotek

Former studio of the furniture designer Friedrich Otto Schmidt, now an elegant city hotel with 160 rooms: design and planning for the reconstruction and extension of the historic palace on the Währinger Straße in Vienna, which was built from 1871 to 1874 to plans by Lothar Abel for Otto Graf Chotek.



10 + 1 years of AC

On September 15th we celebrated 10 + 1 years of successful working together with 200 guests from our extended collective at Palais Chotek in Vienna, accompanied musically by 5/8erl in Ehr'n.

Obstbau Leeb

St. Andrä am Zicksee

Residential   Commercial


Klinikum Klagenfurt

Kärnten, Klagenfurt



Summer on our roof terrace

This summer we took advantage and enjoyed numerous barbecues on our great roof terrace!



Nett Winery Opening

After a year of construction the new Nett Winery in Pfalz in Germany was opened on August 31st. The three day celebration included guided tours of the winery, wine tastings, food trucks and live music.

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Franziskus Spital 




Everything stays new!

In addition to the many projects for our clients, we started our own "construction site" at the beginning of the year. Together with the brand expert Markus Huber and the team of buero bauer, we developed our new corporate identity. Our appearance is now visually more concise, content-wise more precise and more collective in communication.