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Project description

Construction of a hospital


Hamburg, GER


Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf

Planning coordination

KFE Klinik Facility-Management
Eppendorf GmbH


Architects Collective &
HWP Planungsgesellschaft mbH


2017 (1st prize)



Floor area

9,600 m²

Restrained solitaire
The new Martini-Clinic is a self-confident, yet restrained, solitaire, which enters into dialogue with the environment and thus perfectly fits into the Eppendorf university campus. The newly created access area broadens the existing park and creates a meeting and communication place. The two-story main entrance, located at the park side, cordially receives patients and visitors alike.

Confident clinker brick
The characteristic element of the building, the clinker brick, is an important part of the grown identity of the city of Hamburg and – in particular – of the campus. The heterogeneous structure of the proposed brick façade and the functional and creative zoning of the outer shell enable an exciting dialogue with the neighboring buildings. In addition, the vibrant impression of the building, which comes from the diverse cast of shadows produced, is being intensified through the depths of the façades.

Regardless of the size of the building, attention is paid to keeping the human scale clearly in mind. The functional interior of the clinic is enriched with numerous informal meeting places, waiting areas, terraces and viewpoints. In the nursing rooms, floor-to-ceiling opening panels with glass railing  enable light-flooded rooms.

„The new building will create an open atmosphere, where staff members and patients will feel comfortable“, says Professor Dr. Markus Graefen, medical director of the clinic, at the first stone laying end of September 2020. The time capsule sealed behind the cornerstone contains construction plans, a newspaper, medical instruments, the „Martini-Principle“ book, staff photos as well as numerous mementos from patients.


First floor

University campus with the new Martini-Clinic


Access area with view of the park

Model of the patient room

Model of the patient room

Ward floor with terrace for the patients

                 Model of the façade

Park view