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Kinder- und Jugendklinik Freiburg

Project description

Construction of a children’s and
youth hospital 


Freiburg, GER


Province of Baden-Württemberg


Uniklinikum Freiburg

Architectural design

ARGE Health Team Vienna
(Albert Wimmer ZT-GmbH & Architects Collective ZT-GmbH)


2015 (1st prize)

Planning services

Architectural design &
site supervision



Floor area

13,000 m²

Construction site camera

The design for the new children’s and youth clinic in Freiburg, Germany, is both sensitive and thoughtful. The result is an equally functional, innovative and brightly coloured space that positively fosters the patients healing process. The project, which provides many points of reference between the interior and the surrounding green landscape, is designed according to the “DGNB Gold” sustainability standards and manages to unite the previously scattered departments and institutes in one central location.

A lighthouse project for Freiburg
The clinic, arranged like a geometrically-twisted snake seen from bird's eye view, is typologically arranged in two layers: Ambulances, day clinics, dialysis and emergency rooms are housed on the ground floor, while teaching areas, research facilities and medical services are located on the upper floor. Relaxation rooms, meeting and interactive zones as well as patient’s beds can be found on the two upper floors.

A friendly village
All the characteristics of a classic hospital were visually and architecturally shaped into an amiable environment. The new complex is reminiscent of a friendly, colorful, modern and relaxing village. This is particularly true of the terraces, which appear like an extension of the surrounding park: The idea was to enable the children to feel more relaxed and at ease during their hospital stays by being exposed to the healing powers of nature.


 Shot from above (Foto: Torsten Erbstößer, Drees & Sommer)

The design is based on a geometrically angled snake.

Construction site fall 2022 (Fotos: Britt Schilling, UK Freiburg)

Drone shots: Karim Klausmann for Drees & Sommer Baumanagement,
Music: Trance Corporate (provided by ColourTunes / Getty Images)

All the characteristics of a classic hospital were visually and architecturally shaped into an amiable environment.

Functional diagram

The material refreshes the surface structure

The new clinic is part of a master plan

Seen from bird’s eye view, the clinic resembles a geometrically-twisted snake.

Diagrammatic plan



Construction site camera

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