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To create something new in daily practice requires curiosity, consistency and courage. Then day-to-day work becomes an experiment in the lab.



… at Architects Collective are a permanently learning organization. Always on the move, we see every new project as a chance to improve. We love challenges: the more demanding the challenge, the more we can hone our skills. We operate and co-operate at eye level within our team, but also with our clients and partners.

We transfer established know-how from one field to another and gain new insight. Our international orientation – with projects in Europe, Asia and America – helps us to constantly broaden our horizon.

We are convinced that good architecture must do more than simply fulfill its function: it has to deliver sustained – and sustainable – benefits. The exploration of new spatial qualities must add to people’s lives, to the way they work, practice sports, recover or travel. This additional value of a creative just as functional outstanding performance is the benchmark we set for our architecture.

Sonja Paar-Tschuppik

DI, Architektin

Danai Rothenthal

DI, Architektin

Martin Schorn

DI, Architekt

Andreas Frauscher

DI, Architekt, Partner

Brigitte Anna Oettl

Mag. MAS, Communications

Richard Klinger

DI, Architekt, Partner

Thomas Spindelberger


Mathias Lang

DI, Architekt

Silvia Lackner

DI, Architektin

Kurt Sattler

MArch, Partner

Andrea Dürnbeck

Office Management

Thomas Ecker

Ching-Hua Chen


Patrick Herold

MArch, Architekt

Sophia von Salisch


Clemens Steinecker

DI, Architekt

Rosemarie Lebzeltern

DI, Architektin

David Paluš

DI, Architekt

Dagna Tyc


Vittorio Salvadori


Kadri Muzaqi

DI, Mag.

Anamaria Vestemean


David Cau

Dip.Arch (RIBA)

David P. Lieser


Šahin Šivšić


Federica Giannelli


Sylvia Rot

Office Management

Heidi Ascher

Mag., Public Relations

Peter Steinermayr

Mariia Danylchenko


Márton Sugár


Adriano Spalvieri


Ziya Vural


Bettina Ohersthaller


Analía Larrazabal


Patryk Ślusarski

Carlos Vega


Carlotta Floreano


Andreas Wohofsky

MArch, Architekt

Veronika Koller


Andreas Hajek


Former Collective

Abdolhossein Sardari

Adela Tea Bingula

Aikaterini Tsiouni

Alex Cetea

Alexander Zöhrer

Alexandra Medana Oprea

Ana-Maria Marcu

Annamaria Caronna

Barbara Weber

Bernhard Ackerl

Birgit Schmidt

Brendan Francis Bosson

Brigitte Danner

Carina Gomes

Carl Jagwitz

Chiara Sotgia

Christian Molter

Christian Schöning

Christina Tudor

Christine Flügel

Daniel Moral Trigueros

Daniel Selensky

Daniela Kobel

Daniela Zandonella

Doris Grosstessner-Hain

Eleonora Hartl

Elisa Marie Dolenc

Elisa Serafini

Emilie Klipfel

Ernst Hartl

Fabian Jaugstetter

Fei Tang

Georg Grassberger

Georg Kroll

Gianluca Maroe‘

Gregor Fasching

Gulnara Buchreiter

Inga Wunderlich

Irma Ibrulj

Ivan Zlousic

Ivana Lukenda

Jazmin Sol Terroso

Josina Herding

Jovana Vukovic

Julia Alsheimer

Jutta Leitner

Karim Daw

Katharina Reich

Léa Pelleteret

Linda Mavar

Lorena Antonia Breaza

Magdalena Nowak

Maria Vrahimi

Marie-Therese Vierke

Mario Leoni

Marketa Wallo

Martin Breitfellner

Matthew Tam

Medana Oprea

Mohsen Vossoughi

Mona Fakher

Nina Hambrusch

Pavel Cucka

Sebastian Fischbeck

Silke Wurzer

Stefan Unger

Sven Dratwa

Valentina Petrovic

Valentina Soto Acuna

Werner Hoedlmayer

Yvonne Biering

Zdenka Korenkova