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Project description

Construction of a rooftop extension


Mexico City, MEX


Yoshua Okon

Planning services

Design / detail planning / supervision



Floor area

120 m²

© Photo Credits

Wolfgang Thaler, Diego Perez

Vienna meets Mexico City
The nostalgic splendor of the Condesa neighborhood in the heart of Mexico City is palpable: Built almost a century ago upon a former racetrack, it is one of the largest continuous Art Deco districts in the world and one of Mexico City’s architectural jewels. Upon visiting the property built in 1932, there was no doubt to breath fresh life into the building with a contemporary structure. At first, the local building authority was taken aback by the Viennese approach to planning – combining old ideas with new ones – but was quickly convinced. After the successful realization of the building and the addition of a penthouse, this intelligent renovation is now a model for future buildings in the district.

Origami experiment
Two terraces and a viewing platform at the top of the building form a dynamic structure created by experimenting with the Japanese technique of folding paper. Local materials were used sensibly throughout, such as pearl-grey Corian panels and dark gray Santo Tomas marble for the floors, as it is found in almost all the churches and subway stations in Mexico City. The end result is a confident structure that appears to hover above the top of the densely tree-lined neighborhood. The house is naturally ventilated through openings at the highest point of the "winged" roof. Spacious windows flood the inside spaces with light and the buzz of this exciting quarter in Mexico City. 

The contemporary rooftop extension on the townhouse from the 1940s

“…this project is not only architecture, it is also archaeology.”

Architektur.Aktuell 10/2008

Strong materials and color accents structure the inside

La Condesa neighborhood in the heart of Mexico City

Pearl-grey Corian panels are set in opposition to dark gray Santo Tomas marble

" becomes a revelation of the different layers and facets of history and culture that conform the mosaic of the city, the neighborhood, the building and the owners, and unfolds these layers into three-dimensional space, bringing them back to life.”

Architektur.Aktuell 10/2008

Floor plan level 4

Newly interpreted: The former bakery with the contemporary rooftop extension

A bird’s eye view of the Condesa neighborhood

The shape of the rooftop extension evolved from experimenting with the Japanese technique of folding paper.

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