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Wolke Zwei

Project description

Construction of an office and
residential complex


Vienna, AUT


Viertel Zwei Entwicklung
GmbH & Co Krieau KG


2016 (2nd prize)

Planning services

Pre-design / masterplan

Cloud Two
Next to the Trabrennbahn Krieau, Vienna’s oldest racing track, and in close proximity to the “Prater”, the cities’ largest park, one of the most ambitious urban districts called "Viertel Zwei", has been in development for the past ten years. Built along the subway line and integrating the former horse stables, an area of 38,000 m² is being converted into living and commercial space. The various building volumes refer to their different functions, the scale of the neighboring buildings and the adjoining free spaces. A continuous green lined pedestrian area passing through the building complex, as well as a cantilevered structure set apart the district in all urban directions.

Diversity and order in the cloud
Apartments, shops, restaurants, terraces, offices and a school located in the three buildings: How can all these qualities be reconciled and given a strong common identity and character? The answer lies in an architectural building formation that enables a variety of uses through its differentiated, irregular volumes, adapts to its environment and interacts with it. Despite the different uses, the functions are clearly readable – as individual building elements they simplify navigation for residents and visitors. The final result is the emergence of a highly characteristic architectural environment with a distinctive entrée and a high degree of recognition, as well as a place of identity and spatial quality.


View from the horse stables

Numerous apartments, shops, restaurants, terraces, offices and a school are located in the three buildings and given a strong common identity and character.

Due to their design language, the functions of the separate buildings are clearly readable.

Floor plan OG3

One of the most ambitious urban districts is being established next to the Trabrennbahn Krieau and the former horse stables.


Zoning of the public space