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Bad Schallerbach

Project description

Renovation and extension of the health care center


Bad Schallerbach, AUT


Versicherungsanstalt für Eisenbahn
und Bergbau (VAEB)


(1st prize EU-wide competition)



Floor area

8,000 m² 

© Photo Credits

Hertha Hurnaus

The challenge of rebuilding and expanding the rehabilitation center for the railway and mining union in Bad Schallerbach, Upper Austria, was to transform an “old box” into an inviting, relaxing and sustainable structure.

Therapy and recreation
In a spacious park, framed by old trees, a two-story therapy space was built along the ripply Trattnach River. Housing up to 124 guests, each room comprises a private balcony, where patients can come to rest. The aim of the project was to realize a building that combines medical use with the features of a hotel resort whilst focusing on energy efficiency and health care innovation.

High standards, better efficiency
The new design links plenty of daylight with high-quality materials, such as oak, rubber and slate, thus making the extended and remodeled building fit for the future. Important parts of the new structure are the new therapy pool and spa, as well as outside therapy areas with extended wooden terraces, lined with herbs and flower beds, along the river. The "klimaaktiv" certified project has set new standards in terms of sustainability, energy efficiency and health care innovation and has become an exemplary model for future renovation projects in Austria.

Site plan

Façade with balconies with a timber and steel frame construction and timber battens  

Plenty of daylight, high-quality materials such as oak, rubber and slate and an architectural sensitivity make this building outstanding.

The balconies are places to relax.

Therapy pool and spa

The aim of the project was to realize a building that combines medical use with the features of a hotel resort.

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