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School Bürgerspitalwiese


Construction of a school building with elementary and
new middle school


Vienna, AUT




Stadt Wien


14.100 m2

Educational campus Bürgerspitalwiese

In the northern part of Simmering the new building for a full-day school with elementary school and new middle school is being built. The new educational facility accommodates eight educational clusters, a creative area with multipurpose hall, library and media room, an externally accessible sports area, a kitchen area as well as administrative and staff rooms.

Our design conceives the new building as a linear bar leaning against the south-western edge of the property, thus spatially defining the forecourt and the outdoor areas. From three sides the building radiates a calm atmosphere towards the environment. On the park side, on the other hand, the building has – due to the use of free passages, escape routes and balconies – a vertical structure, showing openness to the Hyblerpark and the neighboring playing areas.

In terms of design, the color blue, which promotes creativity and innovation, sets a striking counterpoint to the green park and the red sports field: this color runs through materials such as concrete, metal and wood. The façade to the park is realized in blue varnished wooden battens, the other three sides as a perforated facade with metal extrusions in variable intervals.


Seite plan

Materials Concept